The milk portion packaging of the future

Create the sustainable and practical solution of the future


Who we are?

For our professional food service, industry and trade customers, we are the leading specialist for shelf-stable dairy products. From standard products like long-life milk and milk powder, which we export on a global scale, to refined cream and dessert specialties.

Especially for portion packaging, we have become one of the leading producers with 2.4 bn units of coffee milk, coffee cream and evaporated milk.


What is the background?

We are part of a consumption-oriented world, which is becoming increasingly aware of its environmental responsibilities.

Portion packagings of all kinds have to face a special challenge: Sheer material recyclability from a technical standpoint is not enough. Portions also have to be generally included in the recycling flow and allow consumers to intuitively choose the correct disposal. Of course, product appeal before disposal also matters, not only in terms of design.

2.4 bn units require 2.4 m kg of synthetic material!


What else should you know!

  • The product has to be shelf-stable: more than three months at 25°C
  • All-purpose has to be guaranteed: for instance in an airplane, as well as in
    a conference room or in a train station bakery
  • This is a free add-on article: has to be efficient in terms of production and logistics
  • The standard volume of the packaging is 10ml, but sizes such as 7.5ml and 15ml also play a role.


What are the phases of the contest?

  • Submission phase: until 31 August (23:59 PM)
  • Assessment phase: 1 September - 14 October
  • Winner announcement phase: from 15 October onwards